Candles and Diffusers

Autumn Plum Classic Candle
Birchwood Pine Classic Candle
CB Pura Diffuser Refill Volcano
Crystal Pine Diffuser Refill
Festive Votive Trio
Festive Votive Trio Set
Feu D Bois

Feu D Bois


Frosted Pine Classic Candle
Hexagon Volcano
Holiday Classic Candle
Lafco Pura Smart Diffuser Set
Mercury Candle Bowl
Moroccan Amber Candle
Move Diffuser Fog
Night Cap Diffuser Oil
Paloma Melon Signature Candle
Pumpkin Chai Candle
Pumpkin Chai Pura Refill
Pura Cedar Leaf Refills
Pura Holiday Diffuser Set
Pura Moroccan Amber Refills
Restorative Retreat Trio
Rose Noir and Oud - 8.1oz
Sea and Dune Signature Candle
Sleep Blend - 15 ml
Slow Dance Diffuser Oil
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